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Diversity of experience and career confusion

I have been working two years in a small .com company administering a small LAN. My experience ranges from Help Desk to Administration of Web-based servers (IIS, MSDNS, Apache, BIND etc). But because of the diversity of services I provide, I find it difficult to focus on the future. Meaning: where should I go from here? I would like to find a mentor to help me figure out how to handle my career in a field that is so heavily male dominated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
You raise interesting questions and concerns, but I feel like I could give you better advice if I could get more information about your interests, your current position and pay -- more background, in other words. Though this may seem like a blow-off, let me ask you to e-mail me at etittel@lanw.com. I'll be happy to arrange (and make) a phone call to you, so we can talk things over. I'm not sure I'm ready to sign up for long-term mentoring, but I'm more than happy to give you an hour or two of my time to help you take stock of your current situation and figure out what kind of career development strategies make the most sense for your current position and for your short- and long-term career goals.

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Diversity of experiences is a big advantage if you market it right!