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Do I have enough credentials to advance?

I have a A.A.S. in Network Administration. I also have three years experience working with networking. Currently I'm in the position of network technician, dealing with a Windows Active Directory network. Do you think I have enough credentials to move to a higher-level position yet? Should I go for a BS in Computer Information Systems or a certification such as MCSE?
Perhaps I should have read your second posting before responding to the first one. Given that you have an AAS in networking and three years of on the job experience, indeed an MCSE might be worth more to you in finding work than a Bachelor's degree. In your case, my advice would be to ask some placement professionals and/or corporate human relations professionals for some advice on this matter. If anybody in your personal network (friends, family, coworkers, former employers, and so forth) works in IT, you might want to ask them about their companies' policies as well.

Let the choice that gives you the best shot at a job dictate which direction you take.

Good luck, and please let me know how things turn out.

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