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Do I have to take another MCSE 2000 exam to keep my cert current if one exam expired?

If one of the exams I took for the MCSE 2000 certification expired (70-080), do I need to take another exam to keep my certification current? I plan on taking the upgrade exams for 2003 at the end of the year.
No, you won't need to replace a discontinued exam to upgrade from MCSE 2000 to an MCSE on Windows Server 2003. If you check out the Exams scheduled for discontinuation page, you'll find this phrase in the first line of text there: "No candidate requirements to retain certification" in the context of exam 70-080. Thus, you can complete your MCSE on Windows 2000, using 70-080 as one of your electives, and still take the two upgrade exams to qualify for the MCSE on Windows Server 2003.

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