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Do I need to put my DNS server in the DMZ?

I have a linksys DSL router and am running my own DNS service on Windows 2000. I am using the router as my firewall as well. My problem is that I can not get the CNAME record to recognized the the outside Internet. Do I need to put my DNS server in the DMZ in the linksys router in order to have the CNAME recognized? Would this also apply if I want to set up my own mailserver?
You need to forward incoming UDP datagrams and TCP packets with a port number of 53 for DNS queries to resolve.

However, your problem is probably more complex than that. If you want everyone on the Internet to be able to resolve the addresses in your DNS server, you'll need to be considered authoritative for the domains you manage and be part of the Internet DNS system. That topic is pretty complex, and I won't try to explain every step in this forum.

It's complicated enough that I personally do not manage my own DNS, even though I do have a domain. There are many free DNS providers that can have you up and running in a few minutes. I use www.zoneedit.com. Good luck with it.

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