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Do I only have one year to complete all requirements for MCSE?

I am one test short of becoming an MCSE, and have been told that I only have one year to complete all the requirements -- after that year is up you start all over. Is this true?
Probably not: Microsoft hasn't announced when it will obsolete/retire/discontinue the Win2k exams, but they normally don't do that until "generation+1" exams are out (which means exams associated with the next release of Windows server after 2003). Most experts believe this next generation won't be out until 2006-2007, so it's likely the Win2k exams have at least three more years of life ahead of them. But all this is speculation.

But here's something that's not speculation: Microsoft's stated policy is to provide a year's notice of exam discontinuation. They haven't done that for Win2k exams nor have I heard any rumblings through my normal sources of gossip or inside info. Thus I can definitely say that as things currently stand, the Win2k exams will NOT be discontinued in one year.

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