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Do login scripts work between trusted Win2k and NT4 domains?

I have a Windows 2000 authentication domain and an NT4 domain that contains resources. There is a two-way transitive trust between them. When I use a login script for a user that logs into the authentication domain, the drive is never mapped to the shared resource on the NT4 domain, even though I can manually map the drive, which shows that the user has the correct rights to access the resource. In essence, do login scripts work between Win2k domains and NT4 domains that completely trust each other? Any help appreciated.
I was unable to find any specific resources that relate to this issue. As far as I can tell, your scripts should be working. However, you may want to adjust the logon script controls in the Windows 2000 group policy objects to see if the speed or order in which scripts are processed affects the outcome. You may even want to move the script from the user account preferences into the Run second of the user's registry so it is run after his/her desktop is built.

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