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Do most NAS devices work with Active Directory?

I want to use an NAS device within my Win2000 network. Are there any technical issues or problems that arise when using NAS with Win2000? Do most NAS devices work with Active Directory? Most NAS devices will cooperate very nicely with Windows 2000 and Active Directory, especially since Win2K Advanced and Datacenter Server are designed to support hardware clustering right out of the box with no additional software add-ons. As long as you follow the guidelines established by the most recent release of the Hardware Compatibility List, the only technical issues and problems that will likely arise are the run-of-the-mill "gremlins" that are associated with any new technology roll-out. Obviously, all usual recommendations regarding planning and installing in a test-bed and having "known good" data backups before unleashing something like this in a production environment apply here, as they would in any other implementation.

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