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Do password re-setting programs work?

I saw a product that can reset the Win2000 password by creating bootable WIn2000 and loading the program Window2000Key from WINDOWSXP/2000/NT. Does this product really work? I forgot the password for (including the Admin password) on my Windows 2000 notebook; now I am stuck.
Yes, these programs work as long as you have physical access to the machine. Essentially, these are boot disks that run a version of Linux or other operating systems that can access the NTFS file systems, and replace the Administrator password file with a different one that contains a new one Be careful which program you use, as some are better than others and some are just a rip off. I recommend Winternals ERD Commander ( http://www.winternals.com/products/repairandrecovery/erdcommander2002.asp?pid=erd

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