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Do you have any statistics regarding the pass rate for MS Exam 70-240?

Mr. Tittel,

I was wondering if you have any official (or at the very least, reasonably reliable) statistics regarding the pass rate for MS Exam 70-240?

I've heard a great deal of conjecture and speculation regarding the pass rate for this exam but I have yet to hear any official stats. I'd written Microsoft and asked them but their rep directed me to MCPmag.com which seems to track only the total number of MCPs. This was not what I was looking for.

Do you know of any such stats? I'd be most interested.

MS is never very forthcoming about pass-fail stats on any of its exams. Since 70-240 is now discontinued, the numbers are moot but still interesting. Based on user estimates and reports from sites like examcram.com, cramsession.com, and so forth, and my own polling of peers and colleagues, I'd set the passing ratio between a low of 25% and a high of 40%. But I really can't muster official stats or find them through other than word-of-mouth resources to back up this setting. So, take it for what it's worth: a carefully, crafted wild guess!

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