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Do you have any study hints for the Win2k Server Exam?

I've heard I will have an extremely hard time of passing the Win2k Server exam if I lack disk and network administration skills. I need to master these topics. Where can I go, or what can I use to help me master the topics necessary to pass the exam?
Indeed, the 70-215 exam devotes several questions to disk administration and network administration topics. In addition to obtaining a good study guide on the subject (Sybex and Syngress Media/Osborne/McGraw-Hill titles seem to get the best reviews.), you should get some practice tests to help you prepare for the kinds of questions you'll see. Finally, you'll want to set up a Windows 2000 Server and learn how to perform the hands-on tasks necessary to work with Disk Administrator, and with the many networking-related control panel applets and other utilities on Windows 2000 Server. For practice exams, we hear good things about Transcender, MeasureUp, Self-Test Software and ITpracticetest.com.

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