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Do you know of sites that can help me prepare for CISA exam?

I am a software professional. I am preparing for CISA examination. Could you please suggest me some sites (except...

www.isacaorg.com) that can help me prepare for this exam by providing tutorials or material for preparation?

Dear Manoj:

This is still a pretty tight-knit community, and I don't see much by way of "useful CISA Web sites" or other useful stuff online. That said, here's what I did find:

For training, check out:
CISA Prep class (Hong Kong): http://www.abrs.com.hk/index/

MicroMash CISA Review: http://www.micromash.net/AccountingReviews/Cisa/cisa_frame.htm

General listing of review classes: http://www.isaca.org/cisarevw.htm

For practice exams:
Numerous individuals pursuing both CIA and CISA have noted that Gleim's practice CIA exams also work for CISA: http://www.gleim.com/

For books:
Alas, the listings for the ISACA bookstore on CISA are the most comprehensive. The only other listings for relevant titles I can find show up as out of print on Amazon.


This was last published in January 2002

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Passed recently the CISA exam and here are some advices that helped me pass the exam. Try to learn from any video course provider for CISA. Personally I did use CBT Nuggets. They are good and short. You can complete their Video Course for 12 hours. I did run the video course for 4 weekends in a month. Additionally you should practice with the Exam Prep's there are a lot and pretty much all are the same. Personally I did use an app from app store called CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor - Exam Prep. It is very convenient and practical to have the practice exam in your hands at all time "I was literally practicing even when I went to the toilet" the benefits of technology. You should be able to pass after all of this. I hope this was helpful enough. Serpil