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Do you recommend certification for higher-end management and IT directors?

What certifications (if any) do you suggest for higher-end managers and IT directors? I have been managing and directing IT operations for about five years now and have drifted from some of the more day-to-day activities that a system administrator performs. Should I be thinking about certifications?
A wise man once told me that the only general answer that suits all good questions, is the phrase "that depends." In the case of your good question, the only reason you would want to think about certifications would be if you wanted to get back into a more technical line of work.

If you want to stay on the management track, a master's in business, management, or engineering management would probably serve you much better than any technical certification would.

If you want to get back into something more technical, e-mail me again with your areas of particular interest and I'll be glad to make further recommendations.

Good luck,

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