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Do you think Microsoft will offer a security certification in the future?

I have passed the 70-220 exam and now I believe I'll go for the 70-227 exam. Do you think Microsoft will offer a security certification in the future?

I also want to study for the Network+ exam to strengthen my overall networking knowledge. What is your opinion of that certification? My company is not paying for any training for me, so I am really planning to study for the Network+ exam as a training mechanism more than a quest to obtain another cert.

According to a recent story in MCP magazine (February issue) they do not plan to offer a separate Windows security cert. Although this could change, such a story means it will be at least a year before such a change is possible. In the meantime, check out the System Adminstration and Network Security (SANS) Institute's Global Information Assurance Certificatin (GIAC) program -- they've got a pretty good specialization in Windows Security that you might find worthwhile. See http://www.giac.org/ for more info. FWIW, Network+ is a good idea for entry-level workers, but you may already know too much to benefit from that exam in a major way: go to your neighborhood bookstore, find a Network+ book, scan some topics and see if it's worth the time and expense involved in taking the exam. Good luck!


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