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Do you think it is worth it to get a MCT?

I am an MCSE, an MCSA and an MCSD. I enjoy training, but the CTEC's won't hire you without an MCT. Do you think it is worth it to get a MCT?
Not to be too cheeky or anything, but the real question is "Do YOU think the MCT is worthwhile?" If you plan to keep your MCSE and MCSD up-to-date (Either is required to qualify for MCT.), have some teaching experience, and can meet MCT requirements, it not only opens the doors to CTECs, but to lots of other training outlets as well (such as community colleges, technical schools, and so forth).

To qualify as an MCT to begin with you must:
* Possess a current MCSE, MCSD, or MCDBA (You've got that covered.)
* Take a Microsoft course or workshop taught by an MCT (You'll have to pay for 3-5 days of "official" classroom training.Unless you find something equivalent at a local community college or tech school that costs less, this will set you back at least $300 per day.) * Prove instructional/presentation skills, which can be satisfied in all kinds of ways (see this guide for details). This requirement will cost you at least $500, possibly as much as $1,500 plus travel and lodging to attend a Microsoft presentation skills class.
* Submit an application and pay the annual membership fee ($400 if you live in the US, $200 and up if you live elsewhere).

To maintain MCT status after initial qualification you must:
* Maintain a premier MCP Certification.
* Deliver at least 80 hours of Microsoft Official Learning Products in any given program year (runs from October2003 to September2004 for 2004).
* Earn 20 professional Continuing Education Credits (CECs) in any given program year.
* Pay annual membership fees (as described above).

Because you must requalify for MCT annually, and costs are not insignificant, this decision hinges on answering one question: "Do the benefits of maintaining an MCT and teaching official Microsoft curriculum repay the costs involved?" If the answer is yes, do it; if the answer is no, don't!

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