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Documentation for setting up a recovery server

What's the best Exchange 2000 book you've come across?

And, as far a setting up a recovery server, what is the best documentation in regards to that (please don't tell me Microsoft)? The best info I've found is on Compaq's site in their ActiveAnswer's area. I'm 90% done getting a server and a database up (I'm now playing with mbconn & exmerge), but there's so much work -- is this going to get any easier with future Exchange releases?

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I'm pretty partial to the Exchange 2000 book I wrote: Exchange 2000 Server: The Complete Reference, ISBN 0072127392.</shameless self-promotion>

As for recovery server info, I also find Compaq's site to have some good information. I know you said not to tell you Microsoft was the best, but there is some good info coming out of MS on this issue. Have you read Mike Lee's "Exchange 2000 Server Database Recovery" white paper? There's also some good information in the Exchange 2000 Resource Kit, as well. In addition, there is some information on DR for Exchange 2000 in Chapter 12 of my book.

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