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Does Microsoft make allowances on exams for people with learning disabilities?

I have ADHD and I am planning on taking some of my certification exams towards my MCSE. The problem is I can do...

the hands-on, but when it comes to written tests, I am not very good. I cannot comprehend/remember what I have read or explain properly how to do the job. My question is: Do you know if there are any special provisions or exceptions for taking the certification exams if you have this disability? Microsoft does make allowances for individuals with disabilities, but you need to work through the testing organization when you sign up for a test at Prometric or VUE. As you register for an exam, you must explain your special needs to them in terms of time, hardware, and/or software and work with them to see that those needs are met. If you can't get the help and consideration you need from the testing center of your choice, you'll need to work with the national offices for VUE or Prometric. Unfortunately, this means you won't be able to sign up for exams over the Web, but will have to call the testing companies by phone.

For VUE, this means going through the Web site to identify individual testing centers in your area. There, you'll find phone numbers that will allow you to call each center individually, to make the necessary arrangements. For Prometric, call 800-755-EXAM to get the same process rolling.

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