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Does software metering really not work with 1000+ clients?

In 2003, we installed SMS 2.0 in our computer network that has 1600 clients. So, we got surprised when our Microsoft Solution Partner told us that the software metering doesn't work with 1000 or more clients. We talked with our corporation SMS support and they confirm this. Is it correct that this SMS feature doesn't work?
Its not that it doesn't work, it's that it doesn't scale well. Microsoft purchased the metering product from another company and added it into SMS. It simply didn't get enough retooling to work the way it should with SMS 2.0. Still, there are some companies I've talked to that have gotten it to work beyond the 1,000 computer limit.

The metering software that is part of SMS 2003 is robust, scales and plain works. If metering is a requirement for your environment, you should seriously consider upgrading to the new version of SMS. Metering is just one of the major enhancements in the new product.

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