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Duplicate server error on network because of a deleted server still being recognized

We have a Windows 2000 Active Directory network. We moved the DNS server of this network and changed the IP address. We changed all IP addresses on all PCs pointing to this DNS server. We have one server that is used for our Web services that will not start on the network because it says there is a duplicate named server connected already. I deleted our server, but we can still ping the old server name. Can you tell me where I need to look for a cache of this name please?
The name may be coded into a HOSTS or LMHOSTS file on one of the servers or clients. If you have routers, it may be stored in the routing table. It also sounds like you've made significant changes to your DNS design. There may be remnants of the old DNS on the domain controllers. You may need to re-build DNS or rename your Web server.

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