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E-mail and Calendar time discrepancies

I have an Exchange 2000 server that is a member server, and also using Outlook Web Access (OWA). I have two questions:

1. The e-mails that are coming in have a time difference of an hour between the time on the server and my desktop. How do I fix that?

2. When I log onto OWA and go to my Calendar, an all day event will spread over two days; the original day that I set while in the office and the following day also. When I look at the time set for the appointment, it will say 1 a.m. to 1 a.m. But, when I view my Calendar in the office, everything is fine. What is happening here and how do I fix it?

It sounds like you have the wrong time zone set on one of these servers. Check the time zones and correct the one that's off (by an hour).


Regarding question 1, this is probably not a server-side issue as the response suggested, but a result of DST being turned off within the Outlook client. Tools -> Options -> Calendar Options -> Time Zones.

—James W.


It could be as simple as having the daylight savings checkbox selected on one server and not on the other. Each server or PC could have the same time zone settings, but both do not have the daylight savings box checked or unchecked.

—Jeff W.


Another cause of old e-mail is failure to connect to the Exchange server. The user can, in some cases, be presented with the contents of their OST file that may not have been sychronized for some time. Thus they are presented with months old e-mail and puzzle over where it came from. I have a lot of laptop users with offline caching of e-mail configured, some of them are always in the office and never sychronize their offline store. When there is a network disruption or they accidently don't connect to the network, you will see this.
—Jeff B.

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