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Effect of SMS 2003 on SMS and AD

We have a diverse company with many IT organizations. Some of them use SMS; some do not (one AD domain will have more than one group that uses SMS). The long-term design on a systems management product is not done, but we still need to work to move these organizations into AD. The administrators of the SMS systems will not be domain admins in AD.

Could you outline some possible strategies to allow them to use SMS, but keep other organizations in AD from feeling its effect or having to give this group rights above and beyond what we had planned (which was to give them administration of a business OU)?

What will the effect of SMS 2003 be on SMS and AD and an organization that has split responsibilities such as ours?
There are certain rights that SMS needs to function, specifically the accounts that the SMS services utilize. Delegation of rights in the domain for individuals can be tailored to your organization. The best resource for this type of information is Microsoft's Security Essentials document.

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