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Eliminate username and password prompt when opening Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to configure Exchange Server to avoid receiving username and password prompts each time Microsoft Outlook is opened.

I have a small domain running Windows 2000 Server and Exchange 2000 Server. Each time a user clicks to open Microsoft Outlook he is prompted for his username and password. Is this a setting in Exchange Server that I need to correct?


First, let's verify that you are trying to access the mailbox that is associated with the user account that is currently logged onto Windows. If that is the case, then go into the Mail control panel applet, and drill down through the properties of your Microsoft Outlook profile. Locate the Security tab of your Exchange Server settings, and verify that Always Prompt for User Name or Password is not checked.

If this still does not solve the problem, create a new profile for the same user on a "clean" workstation to determine if the problem is user or computer related.


I have run Exchange Server 2003 with RPC over HTTPS for a few years now. Whenever people change their password and then log into Microsoft Outlook, they get prompted the next time Outlook uses RPC over HTTPS. Is this supposed to happen or should it pick up the username and password through their login?
—Ray B.


I would need to know a bit more about the network setup in order to give a proper answer. How are they changing their password? Are they doing that from a workstation that is physically connected to the LAN? Or are they using the Change Password feature in Outlook Web Access? And should I assume that they are using RPC over HTTPS from a "remote" computer, meaning one that is not on their LAN?
—Brad Dinerman, Clients and Mobility Expert


The instructions were a bit vague. In Exchange 2000, there is no "Security" tab in the Microsoft Outlook profile. There is a prompt for profile, but not username. There is also a "work offline" option within Outlook that does not prompt for username or password either.

Please advise.
—Dennis S.


First, the security tab I described is a feature of Microsoft Outlook, not Exchange Server. Second, I would want to know what version of Microsoft Outlook you are using.

Assuming that you're using Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later, then the setting you want is under the Advanced tab, per the screen shot below. You should select "Password Authentication."

—Brad Dinerman, Clients and Mobility Expert

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