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Enabling encryption with digital certificates on BlackBerry devices

If you are using digital certificates to encrypt email in Microsoft Outlook 2003, find out how to use the same certificates for email on your BlackBerry devices.

I'm trying to implement an email encryption solution for my Exchange users. My environment is currently comprised of an Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook 2003 and BlackBerry mobile devices. We're also using the VeriSign Digital IDs certificate to encrypt and sign email with S/MIME in Outlook 2003, and we would like to enable email encryption on our BlackBerry devices using the same VeriSign certificates. Is this possible? If so, how can we accomplish this? Also, can the BlackBerry email client use the certificate to encrypt the email?

Although the exact procedures to set up the BlackBerry devices will vary, depending on their models, this can be done. It appears the older models, such as the 8300 and 8800 series, required the use of the Desktop Manager application to get the certificates on the device. The newer 9000 series (Bold) has this ability built in the device.

This reference on BlackBerry's support site discusses S/MIME usage with the 8300/8800 series, and it would be beneficial to read up on the steps to implement S/MIME support. Also, for comparison, here's the BlackBerry support site's information about S/MIME on the newer 9000.

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