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Entering the networking field without basic electronics knowledge

I have been a Desktop Admin for the past year, with strong knowledge of Windows products. I am pursuing CCNA. I have two doubts:

1. I have finished a B.Com(Commerce) in Indian University and a private computer course in NIIT. Can I expect success in the networking field without basic electronics knowledge?

2. In Which field can I get a better salary as a system or network administrator: Windows 2000 or Solaris?
The answer to your first question about basic electronics knowledge is No, but with a caveat: you must know enough about PC and networking hardware to know how to plug things together, and to deal with hardware problems when they come up. But most such things require knowledge only at the macro level, in dealing with devices as a whole, rather than understanding the internal circuitry and capability of such devices. So as long as you can deal with my caveat, you should be OK.

As for your second question: the quick answer is "All of the above," but given that many more companies and organizations use Windows rather than Solaris, you probably will have more opportunities to choose from if you take the Windows route, rather than the Solaris route.

HTH, and thanks for posting.

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I'm not clear of the purpose. Is it money only? That would be a concern in itself, especially for the companies considering someone willing to change careers.