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Error 2006

I have an NT 4.0 Machine with the latest service pack that just started receiving an error message recently (nothing changed between the two servers). My Win2k server is NOT an Exchange sever and the MS site only has hints that this message is because of that, which it can't be... I get an event Id on the NT machine from the Win2k machine of "2006 incorrectly formatted request." My Win2k machine is my backup machine but wasn't backing up at that time. My NT machine is JUST a Web server, not a domain controller etc. MS site gave me no help on this error, and it locks up my IIS until the error clears itself. Any ideas?
Even without Exchange, e-mail issue could still be a problem -- IIS does include an SMTP server, it may be causing the error. I searched at www.microsoft.com/technet with the keyword "event id 2006" and "error 2006" and found several documents that may be applicable.

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