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Error: Reminder will not appear; item is not in calendar/tasks folder

An Exchange Server mailbox will not send calendar and task reminders when Microsoft Outlook is set for local delivery. Instead, an error is generated.

I have my POP3/SMTP set as my default mail protocol. I have added an Exchange Server account. My default mailbox is personal folders, but I use the calendar in my mailbox so others can see my schedule.

My reminders do not work. When I set a reminder, I receive the error: "The reminder will not appear because the item is not in your calendar or tasks folder."

I have tried the command Outlook/resetfolders, I have also set my calendar in my mailbox to be my start page, but I still can't get my reminders to work. What am I missing?

I am running Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003.


With Microsoft Outlook set for local delivery, your primary calendar is the one that's in your .PST file. Therefore, using the calendar folder in your Exchange Server mailbox will not fire reminders. You'll have to either use the reminder in your .PST file, or change your default delivery location to your production Exchange mailbox.

Alternatively, the one third-party solution that I have seen and can recommend is SlovakTek's Reminder Manager. (This is Ken Slovak's company. Ken is a long time Outlook MVP and leading MAPI expert.) This tool let's you choose specifically which folders you get reminders from. This can be any folder in your production Exchange mailbox, any folder in any .PST in your MAPI profile, any public folder you have access to, or any folder in a secondary mailbox. Not only can you enable reminders for these folders, but you can also enable reminders to send notifications to a third-party e-mail or pager number.


I am not running Exchange Server, but I am getting the same error message mentioned in your Q&A. The problem seems to have just started a week ago. I have a single .PST file. Do you have a solution that might help me with this issue? Also, do you have any idea why it just started happening?

I have a standalone Windows 2000 Professional desktop (SP4) with Panda Antivirus. I also have full admin rights on my machine. I have Microsoft Outlook 2000 and everything works fine -- except for receiving the reminder notice message. Even the reminders continue to work. Although the error message says the reminders can't be set (as mentioned), but they seem to work irregardless of the error message.
—Jim A.

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