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Error message: 'ID no: 8004100e Exchange System Manager'

Exchange Server error 'ID no: 8004100e Exchange System Manager' occurs when all other Exchange services and servers are running as expected. Find out why.

I'm working on an Exchange 2003 server deployed on Windows Server 2003. All other services and servers are running as expected. The DNS has been tested with no problems noted. When using the Exchange System Manager on a workstation or on the Exchange server itself, the following errors occur:

  • Under the General tab -> Properties in the log file directory field, the following message appears: "An error occurred during a call to Windows Management Instrumentation ID no: 8004100e Exchange System Manager." The "Change" button is grayed out as well.
  • When you click on the Directory Access tab you get a pop-up stating: "Information about Directory Services could not be entirely obtained. Check to see that the Microsoft Exchange Management service is running on the Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 server."

The Exchange 2003 server has been restarted numerous times and all services are running as expected.

I wasn't aware of this issue and could not find anything related to this problem in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. However, blogger James Chong, and fellow Exchange MVP, has a post on his blog that seems to be related to your issue: Exchange: Message tracking corrupted produces error message "ID no: 8004100e Exchange System Manager".

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