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Error message appears after creating public folders in ESM

Learn more about the "HTTP service used by public folders is not available" error message, a public folder management issue in Exchange System Manager.

I've recently inherited an Exchange server. When I try to create new public folders in Exchange System Manager (ESM), I receive the following error message:

The HTTP service used by public folders is not available, possible causes are that public mail stores are not mounted and the information store service is not running.

I've checked the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) versions and they are matched to 2.8.

I'll need to know which version and service pack of Exchange Server you're running. If you're running Exchange 2000 Server, take a look at the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article " Exchange 2000 Service Pack 2 public folder management uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Distributed Authoring and Versioning (HTTP-DAV)."

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