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Error message: "unable to establish connection to global catalog server"

What should I do if I am receiving the message: "unable to establish connection to global catalog server" - even after I check the little box in the ntds section? My "primary" AD server crashed Thursday. Ipent Friday trying to raise the dead, Saturday I seized the 5 operation master roles - DNS looked good when I left. As of Monday I can't get DNS to work receive the error of Active Directory service unavailable - and then cannot get global catalog service to connect.

As far as I can tell I have done everything according to what Microsoft and real world people have stated, but yet my new PDC is not working at all. The only thing I haven't tried is demoting and re-promoting this server; if I do that, do I lose all the user accounts? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
If you demote and promote the server and it is the only DC in the AD any longer, you will lose everything. The primary problem is mostly likely centered around DNS. Windows 2000+ uses DNS to locate all sorts of records. You can start to check the connectivity out by running the NETDIAG.exe and DCDIAG.exe on the domain controller that you are having the problem with. This will help to point you in the right direction. These tools are from the Windows 2000 CD – Support Folder and the Windows 2000 Resource Kit. If you have multiple DCs, you will want to run the utilities on them as well.

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