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Error messages when starting Internet Information Services

I have Windows 2000 Professional. When I start Internet Information Services (from Control Panel - Administrative Tools) I see this message: "Default FTP Site (Stopped) Default Web Site (Stopped)." I tried the play button and I received the next message: "The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion." How can I fix this? My platform is Windows 2000 professional.
Based on the error messages that you are receiving, you should first run a complete virus and spyware scan on your workstation. If both of these come back clean, you should uninstall the Internet Information Services from Add/Remove Programs, then reboot the workstation and re-install the IIS service. After re-installing IIS, be sure to apply the latest operating system service packs and patches to ensure that your computer stays protected against IIS-specific threats, especially if your workstation is connected to the Internet.

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