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Error says strings are too long after importing SP2 templates

We have a Windows 2000 domain infrastructure with around 250 Windows 2000 and 150 Windows XP desktops. All domain controllers (5 in total) run Windows 2000 Server SP4, with a single GPO for all our desktops. At present we are evaluating WinXP SP2 in our test network, and we are trying to deploy all new firewall features available on XP SP2. We have imported all the administrative templates provided with SP2 to our Win2000 GPO; however, when we try to access the Inetres.adm and system.adm, we get errors about strings being too long. Are we doing the correct thing by importing SP2 templates? We are using Win2003 ADM templates but none of the new features are available. Is Microsoft releasing a new series of templates to allow management of new features on SP2?
Actually, you're on the right track all along. This problem can be easily cured by applying a hotfix where you are performing your Group Policy management (ie: Your desktop or your server, or wherever!) Check out MSKB http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=842933.

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