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Error when trying to use Exchange message journaling

I have seen your suggestion to use message journaling to forward all messages to a particular account in Exchange 2000. However, this seems not to work as explained. There is also no information from MS regarding this feature. It doesn't even mention it, apart from Q261173, How to enable the "message journaling" function for an Exchange 2000 mailbox store, and it does not come up in a search. When enabled, messages destined for the recipient are answered with the following error message:

Reporting-MTA: dns;server-01.storzhk.local
Received-From-MTA: dns;storzhk1.kstorz.com.hk
Arrival-Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 15:41:15 +0800

Final-Recipient: rfc822;A.Schendel@kstorz.com.hk
Action: failed
Status: 5.4.6
X-Display-Name: A Schendel

What am I doing wrong?
Status code 5.4.6 means that a forwarding loop was detected by the categorizer. This problem is common in a hosted environment where someone using a provisioning tool creates a contact in one organizational unit (OU) and creates a user in another OU with the same e-mail address. If you are hosting Exchange 2000, and you created this user with a provisioning tool (Microsoft's or a third-party's), then this might be the cause of the problem.

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