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Evaluation copy of Win 2K advanced server expired and cannot upgrade

Due to the amount of time it took to get a new web/database server through the review and justification process, I have gotten a warning that my evaluation copy of Win 2K advanced server is expired and the computer will reboot in one hour. I now have the new server but I need to keep the old sever running for about 3-4 weeks due to our operating schedule. I can't just upgrade the old server because I was only authorized to buy Win 2000 server as the need wasn't seen for the advanced server.

Unfortunately, I think you're stuck you're going to need to get the new server up and running and copy the web files from the expired server. As you say, unless you're willing to pony up the big $$ for Advanced Server, you can't upgrade the evaluation copy.

You could try doing a fresh reinstall of the evaluation copy after making a backup of your IIS information. This is a stopgap, but the only one that would give you breathing room.

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