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Event Viewer showing error message: 'The server received an incorrectly formatted request from (?)'

I am using an NT server with SP3. When I noticed that something was not right with the LAN connection, I checked the Event Viewer. The error message showed: "The server received an incorrectly formatted request from (?)." How can I check what is causing this problem?
You may get some answers by turning on auditing for everything and see what appears in the system log. If that fails, you can try to use Network Monitor to capture the packets from (?) to see what is being sent. Other than that, you are nearly out of luck. Without clear details as to what is causing the problem, there is nothing available to guide you in searching for it. BTW, what was not right with the LAN connection? Is the connection working at all? Is it only failing when specific functions, service, or protocols are used? Does the error occur when it receives traffic from the Internet, from another server, from a client?

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