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Event log claims dllhost.exe has created an error

I am having a problem with our Web server. A pop-up says that the dllhost.exe has created an error. When I look in the application event log there are numerous Active Server Pages Event 5 errors. These have the line 0 out of memory in the error message. This was happening every couple of days, but is now happening every hour or so. After a re-boot it's fine for a while. Have you seen this?
I haven't seen this particular error, but I do find a reference at Microsoft that describes the error when used with Exchange Outlook Web Access: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=224327

This link recommends you install the latest updates for Exchange. If you're using Exchange, try that. If you're not using Exchange, I have to provide the same recommendation I provide to everyone having ASP 3.0 problems:
  1. Make sure you have all the latest updates and service packs.
  2. Enable process isolation for each Web application.
  3. Upgrade the application to ASP.NET.
  4. Upgrade the Web server to Windows Server 2003.

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