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Event log shows DNS error with event ID 5504

I have a Windows 2000 Server at work with Active Directory enabled. In my event log, I am getting an error with the source being DNS and the event ID is 5504. The description of the error has to do with an invalid packet from DNS address What would cause this error? I believe this address is setup on my firewall to connect to my DSL provider. My server has DHCP enabled instead of the firewall being the DHCP server. My other question is why does my server say that it cannot find the policy that it is searching for? We use a logon script to map the drives of the users. Do you have any ideas?
This event code can be caused by an invalid DNS name for the workstation (or server) at that IP address. Double-check the name and consider renaming the computer if it contains illegal characters. If this does not resolve your issue, check out KB Article 838969 for a hotfix that may resolve the issue.

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