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Exchange 2003 synchronizer error

I just set up Exchange 2003 on Windows Server 2003. When I login to Outlook I get this Synchronizer Version 11.0.5604 sync error: 14:18:04 Microsoft Exchange offline address book 14:18:04 0X8004010F.
The MAPI error 0x8004010f that you describe represents a MAPI_E_NOTFOUND error. In other words, your Outlook client isn't finding the Offline Address Book (OAB) system folder on the Exchange server. For starters, I'll recommend that you make sure you have Exchange 2003 SP1 installed on your server. Things to look at next are:

(1) Do you have an OAB configured on your Exchange Server?

(2) If you already have one configured, does rebuilding the OAB from within Exchange System Manager (Recipients | Offline Address Books | Right-click | Rebuild) followed by an Information Store Service restart (during a maintenance window of course!) correct the problem?

(3) If the first two suggestions don't resolve the problem, have a good read through the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles -- 273364 and Q275171 to see if rebuilding the OAB System Folder corrects the situation.

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