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Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 upgrade failed at ForestPrep

We encountered a problem when upgrading Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000. The upgrade failed at ForestPrep. Below is the incident report from our team. We suspect it is caused by Active Directory. We would appreciate your expert advice on this problem. Thank you.

Subject: Problem on Exchange 2000 Migration C Technical Report

The following table shows a brief Exchange 2000 migration process and the current status. In order to setup a new Exchange 2000 server successfully, Microsoft has a number of procedures such as pre-installation and check up that we must follow step-by-step. The second step depends on the first step to be completed successfully and so on. In other words, the installation process couldn't go on if any one step has failed.

Step -- Description ------------------ Purpose
1a ---- Install Win2K for PATRICK1 --- Prepare a new server for E2k
1b ---- Install SMTP, NNTP ------------ Exchange 2000 requirements
1c ---- Install Win2K SP2 ------------- Recommended by Microsoft
1d ---- Join to CEM_DOMAIN ------------ Become a member server
2 ----- Verify Win2K SP2 on all DCs --- Recommended by Microsoft
3 ----- Switch to Native mode --------- Recommended by Microsoft
4 ----- Check DNS --------------------- Prepare Ex2K for Migration
5a ---- Run netdiag ------------------- Ensure that Ex2K server is OK
5b ---- Run dcdiag -------------------- Ensure that all DCs are OK
5c ---- Run nltest -------------------- Ensure that AD and DNS are OK
6a ---- Run DS/IS Consistency Adjust -- Verify the public folder store
6b ---- Run NTDSAtrb Utility ---------- Prepare Exchange 5.5 for Migration
7 ----- Set Permissions --------------- Verify all permissions properly
8 ----- Deploying the ADC ------------- Prepare mailboxes migration
9 ----- Run setup.exe /forestprep ----- Extend the AD schema
10 ---- Run setup.exe /domainprep ----- Replicate the DCs security policy
11 ---- Setup Exchange 2000 server
12 ---- Install Exchange 2000 SP2
13 ---- Check the Ex2K server status -- Verify the server healthy
14 ---- Move the mailboxes
15 ---- :

Step 9, the setup.exe //forestprep, is where it failed. The error message is as follows:

Setup failed while installing sub-component Microsoft Exchange Organization-Level container object with error code 0xC1034A3D....

A referral was returned from the server.

Facility WM32
ID No.8007202b

According to Microsoft TechNet, Knowledge Base and support documents, we didn't find any information about the error and solution. We have searched a number of popular Exchange 2000 Web sites where we didn't find any similar cases or additional information that would help on troubleshooting the problem.

Some other upgrade methods have been considered to resolve the problem but all of them require setup.exe /forestprep (Step 9) to be done successfully.

We are compelled to give up the migration for the time being. Consistent existing mail system services are most important for our users.

Do you have any suggestions about how we may proceed?
The most common cause of this specific problem is that Setup has failed to contact the schema master and/or other operations master role holders. You can use the DCDiag tool to verify that the operations master role holders are well known to the domain and that the server that assigned this role exists and is accessible by the intended Exchange server computer.

If you run DCDiag with the following switches, you'll be able to verify these roles:
dcdiag /test:knowsofroleholders /v

If there are any problems, it will be pretty apparent in the tool's output. Depending on the problem noted, you may need to seize roles or demote a defective domain controller.

If you run this test and you don't encounter any problems, I recommend upgrading all of your DCs to Service Pack 3 for Windows 2000, plus any additional critical updates at Windows Update. Then rerun NetDiag and DCDiag and verify that all of the tests pass successfully.

Then, try to /forestprep Exchange 2000 again; however, this time, run it on the DC that holds the schema master role. This should eliminate a lot of the problems that can prevent Setup from locating the operations master role holders.

See also "You do not have permission to update the Active Directory schema" error message occurs when you run Setup for details on this issue.

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