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Exchange Server 2003 collects email from only specific POP3 domains

Find out how you can avoid DNS issues related to a Exchange 2003 server only collecting email from specific POP3 domains.

We have an Exchange 2003 server running on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003. Initially, we set up the server to collect and receive email directly from the ".co.uk" domain and not Post Office Protocol mailboxes. For a number of reasons, we had to change this.

We have set up POP3 collection for all of our Exchange users and stopped domain forwarding at the domain control panel with our ISP. We've also set up all necessary POP3 mailboxes at the domain control panel. These POP3 boxes are working very well and Exchange has no problem sending via its own SMTP.

Our issue is that while Exchange collects email from a POP3 on any other domain, it won't collect email from the original domain's POP3 boxes. Is there something I'm missing on the either the Exchange Server or SBS configuration that needs to be changed?

Since you're able to access mailboxes for various domains using POP3, this indicates that the firewall or other networking component is not blocking the protocol. Rather, you may be experiencing a Domain Name System issue. Assuming you're attempting to download from a POP3 server that has the same domain name as your SBS and if you've specified the POP3 server using its fully qualified domain name (such as pop.yourdomain.com), then DNS probably cannot resolve the name. Try specifying the POP3 server by its Internet Protocol address instead and see if that fixes the problem.

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