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Exchange Server backup error: 'Mailbox cannot be found'

SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta explains how to troubleshoot a "Mailbox cannot be found" error that occurs on Exchange 2000 Server during backup.

When I delete a mailbox on Exchange 2000 Server, I receive failure errors when my backup runs. The message usually says that the user's mailbox could not be found. How can I prevent this from happening? I know that Exchange Server does not completely delete the mailbox for approximately 30 days. I am using Backup Exec 9.1.
I recommend that you have a look at Symantec Support Document ID 249714, Exchange 2000/2003 Mailbox backup fails on specific mailboxes with the error "Directory not found. Cannot backup directory ?Exchange User [euser] and its subdirectories." This should explain why you're getting this error and possible remediation.

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  • This was last published in April 2007

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