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Exchange Server public folder rules and memory limits

If Outlook Web Access (OWA) is not allowing additional rules for public folders, find out about Exchange Server 2003's memory limitation for rules and how to use third-party software to circumvent these issues.

Whenever I try to create a new rule in Outlook Web Access (OWA), I get the following error message: "Your limit has been reached. Delete one or more rules." I have only set up 10 to 15. Is there a limit to how many rules OWA will support?
The problem actually lies within Microsoft Exchange Server. Exchange 2003 puts a 32 KB limit on the memory footprint for the rules of a given folder within an inbox or public folders. Unfortunately, this can only be changed with third-party software. For more information, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article, Maximum number of rules per folder in the inbox or in a public folder in Exchange Server 2003, Exchange 2000, and Exchange Server 5.5.

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