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Exchange public folder calendar can't be opened in Microsoft Outlook

Get directions on how to open a shared Exchange Server public folder calendar in Microsoft Outlook via the 'open other user's calendar' option.

I'm trying to set up a shared Exchange public folder calendar in Microsoft Outlook. I would like everyone in the company to have permissions to access the calendar. I had no problem creating the Exchange public folder. However, when I try to open the calendar in Microsoft Outlook, the program tells me that the calendar could not be found. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to activate something or add something in the address book?
Shared calendars created with an Exchange Server public folder cannot be opened via the "open other user's calendar" option in Microsoft Outlook. You have to navigate to them in the Exchange public folder tree visible in Outlook.

If you want to be able to use "open other user's calendar" to open a shared calendar, create a dedicated resource mailbox and associated it with the calendar, and then assign appropriate permissions to the Exchange public folder calendar for everyone who should have access rights.

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