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Exchange server error

I am getting this error on my Exchange server. This Exchange server is the AD server for the domain. It's running Server 2003 and Exchange 2003. This is a low volume test server.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: POP3SVC
Event Category: Content Engine
Event ID: 12002
Date: 3/5/2004
Time: 9:25:07 AM
User: N/A
Description: Error 8004010F-80000000 occurred while processing message <> from 'System Administrator'.
The error code itself, 0x8004010F, translates to MAPI_NOT_FOUND and this seems to have occurred in the middle of processing a POP3 message. I researched this specific event and error combination and was not able to find any direct hits, but I suspect one of two things are happening here:

1. The user in question possibly has multiple transport providers in the same Outlook profile that are hitting this mailbox at the same time. For example, if the user has both Internet Mail and Exchange Services transports added to the same profile. It could be that the Outlook client is reaching out and touching this message twice simultaneously (one via POP3 protocol and one via MAPI). The first one to touch the message will probably be the one to pull the message down to the client, and if a second requestor asks for the message it won't be found and this error message can be generated.

2. If you only have one profile/transport configured, it could be a combination of the Outlook client and some antivirus/antispam software that you are running. If Outlook gets a message item count for the mailbox and while downloading those messages an external piece of software deletes one of them because of a virus or unwanted content, the message will not be found and this error can occur.

If neither of these help and this problem persists, you can enable Diagnostic Logging for POP3 inside of Exchange System Manager and then peruse the event log for the detailed events that should provide more information about this problem.

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