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Exchange server is unavailable with new MAPI profiles

We are experiencing a very strange problem. We find that our mailbox server is having some problems when a new MAPI profile is created. Already established profiles work as expected, but new profiles cannot be created, and the error is saying that the Exchange server is unavailable.

We have determined that MAD.exe is holding up all the NSPI connections and not closing them. Restarting the Sys. Attendant, information store and MTA stacks services fixes the problem. However, we cannot do this every time.

Any help would be appreciated. We are seeing this on two of four mailbox servers. We have about six GCS, and all four mailbox servers and one GC sit on the same segment.
This sounds a lot like a bug in Exchange 2000 that was corrected in Service Pack 3. The problem happens if a Named Service Provider Interface (NSPI) and an RFR client try to access DSPROXY at the same time, which could certainly be the case with new profiles. The DSPROXY in turn causes the System Attendant (MAD) to malfunction, and in many cases, silently terminate.

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