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Exchange server not able to authenticate new user credentials

Get troubleshooting advice on how to pinpoint why a new user's name and profile cannot be authenticated by Exchange Server, starting with a look at the Recipient Update Service and the Exchange address list as possible culprits.

We have a client running Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003. We created a new user and associated a mailbox to that user. We logged onto the PC with the new user's credentials (user is a member of local admin group). We created a Microsoft Outlook profile via the wizard, and pointed to the Exchange server, but it cannot authenticate the new user's name. We tried other existing users as a test and can resolve without a problem. Any ideas?
It's possible that the Recipient Update Service (RUS) has not yet processed this user's email address, associating it with the actual account. If that is/was the case, then you can force the RUS to run by going into the Exchange System Manager and expanding the tree in the left pane into Recipients -> Recipient Update Service. Then locate the two Recipient Update Service objects in the right pane, right-click each and select Update Now. Try to configure Microsoft Outlook one more time for the new user.

If this still doesn't solve your problem, then it may also be possible that the user's mailbox is hidden from the Exchange Server address list. To check this, open Active Directory Users and Computers, select the Exchange Advanced tab on the particular user's properties sheet, and verify that the "Hide From Exchange Address Lists" checkbox is not selected.

If Microsoft Outlook still does not authenticate the account name, then try accessing the mailbox using Outlook Web Access (OWA) or from a different workstation. Can you log on? This may provide further insight into whether the problem is workstation- or server-based.

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