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Exporting Exchange Server mailbox messages into .pst files

Learn the necessary steps to export Exchange Server mailbox messages into .pst files and how to open them using Outlook 2007.

How would I export my Exchange Server mailboxes into a .pst file that can then be imported into Microsoft Outlook 2007?
The best way to achieve this would be using the Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Merge Wizard, affectionately known as ExMerge.

There are also several third-party tools that streamline or automate this functionality beyond what ExMerge provides. Assuming you're logged in using an account with full access to the mailboxes you want to export, ExMerge allows you to extract messages based on a variety of criteria.

This extraction can include all messages, messages within specific folders, messages with specific date ranges or messages with specific subject string matches or attachment names. Messages are exported to one or more .pst files. The .pst files can be opened using the Microsoft Outlook 2007 client. You don't actually have to import the .pst, you only need to attach it using the Open Data File menu option.

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