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Exporting a mail file to an Outlook PST

I work for a law firm that uses R6. When someone leaves the firm or we have to produce e-mails in discovery, we have a long process involving a print job to Adobe PDF. Is there an easier way to export a portion or all of a mail file to an Outlook PST?

Here is some more background…

We are using R5 client and soon to be upgrading to R6. Our servers have already been upgraded. When I said an attorney leaves the firm, I meant that he leaves for good. When he leaves, he would like to take all his e-mails with him and his address book. I have found this to be a headache unless you buy some sort of third-party software. We do not do it enough to purchase the expensive software. I also mentioned that when there is an electronic discovery and we have to produce e-mails to the court, we cannot just send an NSF file over. Since Outlook and Outlook Express are so common, we could provide a PST file that anyone would be able to open.

At the present time, I have to print all e-mails and views to PDF and submit them that way. I have tried to use the Microsoft Outlook 2002 Connector in order to connect to the Domino server and view e-mail. I can do this, but when I try to create a backup to a PST file, it hangs up and never finishes. I am using a database called "Personal NAB Import/Export" to export address books. This works really well, but I am not sure how well it will work in R6.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

There are many methods that could be used to perform your task, one of the easiest way to get those messages OUT of Domino mail and into an Outlook PST is as follows.

Use IMAP to download mail information to a PST.

  1. Prepare the user's mail for IMAP access by typing the following at the server's console:
    load convert -e mail\mailfile.nsf
    Where mail\mailfile.nsf is the path and filename of the database you wish to convert.

  2. Make sure the user has an Internet password specified in their person document. You might want to check this by accessing their mail through a Web browser first.

  3. Load the IMAP task on the server holding the user's mail ("Load IMAP")

  4. On Outlook create an IMAP account with your user's and server's details.

  5. Once the account is set up, you should be asked to retrieve IMAP folders.

  6. Select "All of the available folders" in the list and choose [Go To].

  7. Once all of the folders are in the synchronization list, select them all and choose "Settings --> All Messages."

  8. Synchronize the account.
Once you have done this, the messages will all be transferred in to Outlook on the local machine, and by using IMAP, all of the folders and the documents they contain will be transferred locally.

I wouldn't want to do it too frequently, but if it's only going to be once in a while, it can be one of the easiest options.

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