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Fields most sought after by employers

I am currently in the IT field installing computers within a major corporation. There is not much administration involved. What fields are the most sought after by employers? My favorite is security.

According to 1,400 CIOs surveyed in RHI Consulting's latest Hot Jobs Report, networking was listed as the IT specialty experiencing the strongest growth. Within the networking category, CIOs said they have the greatest need for network administrators, architects and analysts, according to the survey. Factors fueling demand for those skilled in designing and managing internal and external networks include an increasingly mobile workforce and an emphasis on safeguarding corporate systems. So any experience you posses in network security will go far in aiding your job search.

Internet/intranet development -- the number two ranked specialty -- remains a critical function within IT departments. The popularity of XML-based software has resulted in the need for developers with experience designing web-based applications.

Another specialty gaining momentum according to the semi-annual survey is database management. There is growing demand for individuals accomplished in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server administration to translate the massive amounts of data collected by today's e-commerce applications into business intelligence that will aid decision makers throughout the company.

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