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Finding out everything about NT workstation

I would like to know everything on implementing local security on NT workstation (the alpha and omega).
The best way to get this information is to read the various security tutorials and information available through the Microsoft security center online at www.microsoft.com/security/. TechNet also has lots of good security-related information. Checking out the various materials for the 70-220 Designing Secure Windows 2000 Networks won't hurt you either. You can also check out our own two-day class materials on Windows 2000 Security available through my company's Web site at www.lanw.com/training/interop/?. Finally, be sure to use TechTarget's excellent companion site, https://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/, as a resource for your security investigations as well. ?For a great bibliography on Windows 2000 security, be sure to check out the final slides in our presentation and the links in our Security URLs page at the www.lanw.com.

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