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Finding the Pentium # and Mhz/Ghz on Windows 2000 desktops

I've been assigned to go to all the computers in the office and find out information like amount of RAM, free space, etc. on all the computers. Generally, this is simple, but I'm having a bit of trouble on the Windows 2000 machines finding the Pentium # (Pentium 1, 2, 3, or 4) and the Mhz/Ghz. It isn't found by right clicking my computer and going to Properties like it is on WinXP machines, and it's not in the system information in system tools either (to my knowledge, anyway; I can't find it). On some computers, I know it can be seen by restarting and watching closely as it loads, but that's a hassle. Is there an easier way?
The System Information tool found on all post-Windows 95 systems displays the CPU type and speed. If that is not sufficient for your needs, try searching for a system info tool on a file site, such as www.downloads.com.

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