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Fixing WMI adap errors -- plus recommendation for Win2k reference books

I am trying to fix the error and warning entries in system log without success. The error reads: "WMI adap was unable to load the winspool.drv performance library due to an unknown problem within the library: 0x0." Can you help? Could you also suggest any GOOD reference book pertaining to "How to fix Win2k"? Granted it is rarely broken but sometimes when it is... Well, it can become quite frustrating.

First, let's get through the acronyms.

WMI stands for Windows Management Interface. This is the interface for the Windows-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) subsystem.

The service name for the WBEM subsystem is WINMGMT. That's why the error is reported by WINMGMT.

ADAP stands for Auto-Discovery/Auto-Purge. This is a service performed by WINMGMT to load and manage the performance counters used by WBEM. These performance counters are enumerated in the Registry under

HKLM | Software | Microsoft | Windows NT | CurrentVersion | Perflib

More than likely, the error arises because the list of performance counters doesn't include the WINSPOOL.DRV library. This can be caused by a faulty ADAP discovery. You can force a new discovery as follows:

winmgmt /clearadap
winmgmt /resyncperf

Now restart the machine. The error should not recur.

As for a master "Fixing Windows 2000" reference bible, I don't know of one. I cover many broad problem categories in my book, but the subject is too broad and the possible problems too varied for any single reference.

The first place to go is TechNet. You can try the on-line version, but my personal preference is to subscribe to the CD or DVD versions. The search engine in the disk version is far superior to the on-line version. The only real advantage to the on-line version is that you can find articles that haven't yet made it into the disk version.

Next, get a copy of the MSDN library or use the on-line version. This is a great resource even for non-programmers because it gives you an idea of what the programmer was trying to convey in the error message. The Platform SDK is also a good reference for the same reason.

I also often search the archives at the major publications such as Windows 2000 Magazine, Microsoft Certified Professional magazine, Backoffice magazine, and so on. Often I'll find a clue to help me narrow my testing if I don't' find the answer.

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